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Today Brooks and Mike continue the conversation that Thanh and Mike began last week on the TEA framework, a simple mental model to help you identify which levers to pull to get unstuck and help you reach your full potential. We’ll dive deep on the first pillar of the TEA Framework, explain the 3 parts of making the most of your time, give you guiding questions to help you identify where you can make improvements, and give you several resources to help making the necessary changes even easier. At the end of today’s episode, we give simple and practical action steps to stop spinning your wheels and start making the most of your limited time.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Dissecting the first pillar of TEA – Time [1:37]
  • How to start by looking at the systems in your life [4:12]
  • Strategies for getting through the business of your day [12:53]
  • Using other people to help you get things done [27:31]
  • Why communication is so important and how to communicate better on a team [35:49]
  • How to know if you should be looking into optimizing your time [42:43]


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