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  • 3 Simple Steps To Delegating Work The Right Way So You Don’t Have to Worry About It (TPS182)

Have you ever tried handing off a work task but were frustrated because it took too long or wasn’t done correctly? You probably made one of the 5 common delegation mistakes that we cover in this episode. We show you how to avoid these mistakes, overcome 4 common limiting beliefs people have about delegation, share some of the expensive costs of ineffective delegation, and show you the 3 critical components you absolutely must have if you want your delegated work to get done correctly and on time.

Cheat Sheet

  • Frustrations that cause people to not want to delegate work [2:01]
  • What delegation really means [4:57]
  • Overcoming the 4 common limiting beliefs that people have about delegation [12:06]
  • The value of understanding how your colleagues work [18:16]
  • Delegation from the point of view of the CEO of a business [23:48]
  • Why acceptance criteria is so important when delegating tasks [31:32]
  • The unexpected costs of bad delegation [33:15]
  • The 3 critical components your tasks MUST have when delegating effectively [38:52]
  • Resources for creating standard operating procedures [47:15]
  • How to set the definition of done for delegated work [51:02]
  • How to get started if you’re just beginning with delegation [57:35]
  • Common delegation mistakes to avoid [1:01:37]


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