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A lot of people dream of working remotely. They picture themselves checking email occasionally from the beach or working a couple hours a day when it’s convenient for them. But anyone who works on a remote team knows there’s much more to it than that. Sure remote work gives you freedom and autonomy, but working with team members who are halfway around the world has its fair share of challenges. In this episode, we talk about how we’ve managed to build a successful remote team here at Asian Efficiency, and share the real secret that makes it all work for us.

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Cheat Sheet

  • How to figure out how to communicate as a remote team [3:15]
  • Ways to make meetings work when your team is remote and people are working in different time zones [9:15]
  • How to get everyone’s buy-in on your team when deciding how and when your team members work [17:05]
  • The language and cultural barriers when hiring team members from different countries [20:52]
  • How to track performance when you have a remote team [23:35]
  • How to address the lack of trust you might have with people you don’t interact with often in-person [29:14]
  • What you learn from getting together in-person as a remote team [39:52]
  • Why there’s a boost in productivity after an in-person meet up [47:36]
  • The Importance of thanking team members and building trust with each other [56:18]


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  1. I’m a remote worker and have just started a more supervisory role. It is really difficult at first and you’ve addressed some of the problems I faced excellently. I’ll be giving this another listen and writing notes!

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